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Have you lost BBC reception on the satellite? BBC made some chages last week, switching the signal on the satellite exclusively to HD standard. This may result in some viewers loosing BBC reception. There is a way to fix and restore viewing,  CONTACT US HERE. and we will will send you instructions how to restore reception.



Order your Freesat HD decoder HERE. and benefit from a quick 24 H delivery in France. We have partner satellite installers throughout France. To get an installation quote simply CONTACT US HERE.


For viewers who does not have possibility to install a satellite dish - try the  The UK Broadband subscription receiver It will give you all the UK public TV channels without installing a dish. Before purchase please check your download speed here.



Do you own  a Freesat HD receiver but you lost reception in the South of France? Have you lost CNN and Euronews on your channel list ? We can help, and you can have your channels back  enquire .