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Do you get a message blocking the bottom half of the BBC One channel? If YES, then your satellitte receiver needs an urgent replacement. After Jan 8th 2024 BBC will no longer tranmit in SD. If you lost reception, a replacement HD UK receiver will resolve the issue. CONTACT US HERE for available models and prices, equipment is shipped from France, so no import after Brexit taxes on delivery. you can securely purchase online.



The BBC will be closing on Jan 8th, 2024 all its SD (or standard definition) channels on satellite. This means that anyone still using an SD-only satellite box from Sky or Freesat to watching the BBC channels will lose service from 8th of January 2024. After this date, a ‘channel closed’ message will appear on the TV screen,  CONTACT US HERE. for cost and details on the new receivers. We deliver quickly anywhere in France, both HD receivers and satellite HDD recorders are available in stock in Paris.



For viewers who does not have possibility to install a satellite dish - try the  The UK Broadband HD receiver It will allow you to watch the UK public TV channels without installing a dish. Before purchase please check your download speed here.



Do you own  a 4K Freesat HDD recorder? Did you notice the big "catch-up" TV buttons on the remote handset? If you wish to enable them and use the full features of your Freesat receiver simply enquire here "how-to"  enquire .